Oh Lord, this guitar is totally gorgeous! *u*

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Jötunheimr / Jotunheim

In Norse mythology, or Jötunheimr Jotunheim is the world of the giants (two types: rock and snow, collectively called Jotuns). From this world, the giants threatened humans in Midgard and the gods in Asgard (whose worlds are separated by the river Iving). The main city of Jotunheim is Utgard. Gastropnir, home to Menglod, and Thrymheim, rest Tiazi, both places were situated in Jotunheim, which was ruled by King Thrym.

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Is a symbol used in Christianity, in magic, witchcraft and Wicca.

  • For Christians, the triquetra symbolize the Trinity. (Father, Son and Holy Spirit.)
  • Originating from the Celtic traditions, it represents the three faces of the Great Mother, the creative energy of the universe, whose three faces are the Virgin, Mother and Crone. It also represented the seasons, which was formerly divided into three phases, spring, summer and winter. It was a very common symbol in Celtic civilization because of its enormous power protection. Found inscribed on stones, helmets and armor of war, was interpreted as the interconnection and interpenetration of levels Physical, Mental and Spiritual.
  • The circle in the middle, like the pentagram represents perfection and precision.
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sirkdellsvalley questionou:
Adorei seu tumblr,trilha sonora perfeita,posts perfeitos,nossa que bom gosto hein?! Te adicionei no facebook,se não se importar.

Muito obrigada! *—*
Tudo bem, eu fico feliz. ^^ 

Não vou dizer que te esqueci, porque sei bem que isso não é verdade. Mas também não vou te dizer que vou continuar obcecado, implorando por tudo. Na verdade eu só me conformei com os fatos. Me conformei com tudo relacionado à você e principalmente com o fato de que se o “nós” não der certo, eu terei que aceitar o “eu e você”. Antes um “eu e você”, mesmo que não seja assim tudo junto, do que um completo “eu sem você”. Aí sim eu não me conformaria.

João Pedro Bueno, Sabedorias. (via romantizar)

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